Our Swiss corporation has been in the Americas since 1998. We at Lebasi envision a twofold purpose. One is to help people achieve their goals of personal wealth. The other is to bring health to everyone through our LEBASI super food. It is unique not only because it is the highest quality product of its kind on the market, but it is also 100% bioavailable.

The LEBASI group has an international presence and was born in the heart of the Swiss Alps, at our manufacturing facility, Swiss Wallis Products. LEBASI extends to our corporations in the U.S., Canada, Mexico, Peru and Argentina with a wide network of distributors and consumers. We are currently working on expanding our market to include Colombia, Ecuador and Bolivia.

Our company has transcended the normal benchmark for success due to its popularity with the public and its exponential growth as exemplified by the opening of new offices in keeping with market demands.

We are a company committed to the development and personal improvement of our customers.

Our branded LEBASI product is Swiss made Lactoserum, 100% natural, containing no additives, chemicals or preservatives and affords fabulous health benefits. With 41 essential vitamins, minerals and amino acids (the building blocks of life), it has been nicknamed “The Fountain of Youth” by thousands of customers. LEBASI has received worldwide recognition through our memberships and the company distribution logistics which allow thousands of people to benefit from our product.

Etienne Gallardo Chenel

A born leader, Mr. Chenel was born in Lausanne Switzerland and has extensively studied both international economics and human resources. An optimistic, charismatic visionary, he embodies the very spirit of a true entrepreneur.

With a history of working for international companies, Mr. Chenel has developed his own, improved business model that is geared to allow people to improve their individual wealth in a productive, efficient manner.

On the recommendation of a friend, he discovered the amazing benefits of Swiss Lactoserum and became a believer. So sincere was his experience with this super food that he founded LEBASI, naming it in honor of his mother, Isabel. His mission is to bring the benefits of Swiss Lactoserum to other countries.

An organized and ethical man, Etienne has a vision for the future. As the founder of a company of international scope that, in addition to offering an opportunity for economic growth, believes fully in his main objective: “Ensuring that people can improve their health and achieve a better quality of life.”

- Labor omnia vincit improbus -
Steady work overcomes all things
Etienne Gallardo Chenel
President and Founder
Lebasi Swiss Group
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